Family Dentistry in Mt. Pleasant

CHS Dental provides complete dental care for people of all ages. When you arrive, you experience the welcoming and warm nature that we offer. Plus, our dedicated team gets to know who you and your family members are as individuals and meet your dental care needs in a more personalized manner! In fact, each person is unique and deserves proper treatment!

Since we are a family dentistry office in Mount Pleasant, SC, we offer convenience. Each family member can go to a single location for treatment and checkups. Dr. Kusek uses continuing education methods to learn about advanced technology and improve dental treatment for everyone. With such options, we can meet your diverse and complex needs!

Prevent Tooth Decay in Kids

Tooth decay is one of the leading diseases in childhood, and it’s completely preventable! Most parents don’t realize that cavities don’t just affect baby (primary) teeth. If children don’t learn how to care for their smiles at an early age, it causes issues with their permanent teeth, as well.

Dr. Kusek recommends that parents bring their kids to the dentist after the first tooth erupts. These early visits lay the foundation for a healthy smile throughout your child’s lifetime. Most adults are now anxious about going to the dentist because they had bad experiences as kids or never went consistently.

Typically, routine dental care starts while a child’s teeth are developing. The dentist has a better chance of spotting problems early to offer conservative treatments that often cost less. Plus, they can check for bite problems as the child’s mouth grows.

We know how challenging it is for some adults to go to the dentist. They have anxiety or feel nervous because they had poor experiences as children. Therefore, we offer sedation dentistry to help them stay calm. However, we also look to the future and ensure that kids are taken care of by a compassionate team who cares.

Generally, we focus on explaining the treatments available to adults and kids. We also educate children on brushing and flossing to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Along the way, we offer the benefits, and they can see the results, which ensures they continue coming to us as they get older!

Oral health plays a part in a person’s overall health, and we make sure your children appreciate and understand that. Typically, kids have fewer issues, but they grow up to need orthodontic care or have poor hygiene if they don’t learn about it early. We know that teaching children to brush and floss properly reduces their risk of tooth decay for longer periods.

You want to establish good habits now so that kids want to maintain them into adulthood! We help that happen!

Dental Services in Mount Pleasant, SC for Kids and Adults

CHS Dental provides comprehensive dental care to everyone in our family-friendly office. To do that, we must evaluate all parts of the person’s mouth to ensure they’re functioning correctly. Then, we can deliver restorative, general, and cosmetic dentistry solutions tailored to meet your ever-changing needs. Our services include:

Custom mouth guards for children and adults
Dental sealants
Orthodontic care through Invisalign
TMJ therapy
Periodontal therapy
Dental fillings
Dental exams and cleanings


When Should Children Start Visiting the Dentist?

We recommend children see a dentist right after their first birthday, which is about six months after that initial tooth comes in. Young children must see a dentist early and keep their regular checkups to make sure that they understand oral hygiene and have a healthy mouth, teeth, and jaw.

What’s the Difference Between a Family and Pediatric Dentist?

A family dentist can treat children and adults, focusing on the entire family’s dental care needs. Pediatric dentists are only responsible for a child’s oral health, which is similar to a pediatric doctor.

Both dentists have appropriate dental training to handle kids, but pediatric dentists specialize in treating infants and children. You can feel confident about choosing a family dentist like Dr. Kusek at CHS Dental. He has the education and skills required to help kids deal with their dental health.

Could Thumb-sucking or Pacifiers Be Harmful to a Child’s Teeth?

Aggressive thumb-sucking or pacifier use could cause issues with a child’s baby teeth. While they use it as a way to stay calm and relax, germs could enter their mouths as they suck, stop, and restart. Generally, it’s best to regularly clean the pacifiers and thumbs to avoid issues.

Most parents think they have to stop such behavior. That’s not necessary, but routine cleaning of those devices or digits can help reduce problems now and in the future.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry, and Is It a Specialty?

Pediatric dentistry is a specialty. These dentists focus on a child’s oral health, working with kids through dental problems they often experience through adolescence.

In a sense, pediatric dentists treat children and infants. Kids often face issues that adults don’t deal with. Regardless, Dr. Kusek is trained well to work with your child, so there should be no issues here!

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